Wii Strategy Games

Games might seem to some like just a casual pastime. But many really stretch the mind and body to perform at their peaks. Strategy games developed for the Wii prove that point many times over.

Pikmin is a great case in point. Here you'll find a unique example of real-time strategy as you try to rebuild Captain Olimar's space ship before 30 days have elapsed. As the astronaut in charge you can command many small plant creatures (the Pikmin) as the clock ticks and you'll need to use their abilities wisely to escape in time.

After crash landing you will need to be clever in order to pick up all the scattered pieces and repair the ship in order to make it back home again. In the meantime, use the Wiimote to battle swarming predators, smash barriers, and more as you work your way toward your goal.

For a completely different kind of strategy game, check out Thrillville: Off the Rails. You'll enter a carnival world and enjoy 20 adrenalin pumping rides. Build the roller-coaster yourself, then leap off the track and fly through the air.

With 100 new missions you can play in multi-player mode up to 34 different games as you interact with the other park guests. Along the way you'll create animatronics, jump through flaming hoops, and more. Join Robo, Bandito Chinchilla, and other great characters as you figure out how to survive all the dangerous rides.

Now take on some really dangerous missions with Battalion Wars 2. Join Commander Pierce and Colonel Windsor of the Anglo Isles as they worry that the Solar Empire is about to be destroyed by a new super weapon. Watch General Herman and Brigadier Betty of the Western Frontier try to repel their attack. When the Tundran Territories join in, help Admiral A-Qira guard Empress Lei-Qo.

Use the Wiimote and Nunchuk to implement your strategy, which involves using everything from helicopter gunships to submarines to save the universe. Take command of the battlefield and deploy mobile anti-air units to destroy the enemy bazooka troops. Play online with players from around the world by taking advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi support of the Wii.

For the younger kids, a strategy game like Defendin De Penguin is a perfect alternative. They'll find lots of ways to do that. Help Little Blue upgrade the towers and use the best moves to defend the town against the invaders who want to steal the fish supply. Place those defenses carefully or the penguins are doomed.

Get to know the strengths of each animal to learn how they can best contribute to driving back the hungry animals. Some defensive 'weapons' are available - snowballs and icicles, for example - that will help protect everyone inside. It will take clever timing and superb strategy to save the food to make sure the penguins survive the winter.

Exercise your hand-eye coordination and your wits at the same time with any one of dozens of Wii strategy games.

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